Webmachine FAQ

What is the difference between a Webmachine system and a web package?

A Webmachine is a software system service created by web developers from the best commercial CMS (Content Management System) software applications and components available on the market. Used in conjunction with an interface designed by graphic designers to create a unique, professional website presence for businesses to lease. The Webmachine operates in a continuously monitored environment, upgraded and enhanced for optimal security and performance for the Webmachine client.

A web package is a pre designed CMS template that is used to accommodate a businesses branding, imagery and content. Most web packages are a one off purchase and not responsive to mobile and other web devices. Once they are launched online they are not maintained to latest software upgrades and security standards or maintained with SEO enhancements.

How would my business benefit from a Webmachine?

Businesses cannot afford to be without a web professional presence. Traditional forms of business advertising (print classifieds and Yellow Pages) are losing their reach and google search results and social media marketing are taking their place. It takes ongoing management to keep your business ahead of competition.

Many business owners do not have the time, resources or skillsets to professionally design and maintain a commercial website. To ensure content is correct and current, software is continuously upgraded, the latest security patches are applied and ongoing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) maintenance is undertaken. Webmachines are a professional solution for businesses requiring a high quality website or online shop for the competitive digital environment.

How long will it take for my Webmachine to be developed?

Upon payment of your Webmachine you will be required to complete our online briefing document. Your order will be prioritised to ensure all the briefing elements are received and of a standard to allow our developers and designers to proceed with the system build. At this time a designer will contact you to set up an over the phone or face to face appointment to discuss the Webmachine design, functionality and content strategy best suited for your business.

It usually takes between 5 - 11 business days to provide your Webmachine preview for feedback. Once the final preview is approved, the system is then refined, tested and mounted for launch.

What is the duration of a Webmachine lease agreement?

A Webmachine service agreement provides you with twelve months of continuous online web presence and support. We are committed to providing high level commercial web design and support service the Webmachine system will provide your business with tangible results. Renewal is every twelve months with no obligation.

What do I need to supply to the designers to create a brief for my Webmachine?

Webmachineprovides a comprehensive web development and design service for all businesses. We require all or any information that will help us to obtain an understanding of your business from concepts, descriptions and suggested colour schemes to existing branding, logos, images, artwork and copy and product or service information.

We can create Webmachine for new businesses just starting out and can provide extra design elements where required including logos, photography and copy writing. Webmachines can also take existing website content and redesign for the contemporary web environment.

What happens if I want to cancel my Webmachine?

Webmachines are provided on a 12 month minimum contract. If after that period you wish to cancel you simply do not renew for another 12 months and the web machine will be removed form the web.

Do I own the website?

Webmachines owns the website and any domain names included. You are simply paying on a yearly basis for lease of your business Webmachine (software and design).

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