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Be safe online


Your web security is important to us. We're all vulnerable to a variety of malware infections including viruses, adware, spyware, ransomware, bots, bugs and trojans. Infection is not always obvious. Websites are not always safe. Private and public data is always being mined.

Follow these basic rules to reduce vulnerability online.

1. Stay up to date

Vulnerabilities in the software running your devices, usually a result of not keeping your operating system software updated to the latest version. Continuous software vulnerabilities and bug fixes are a fact of online life.

2. Use unique and complex passwords

A different complex password for each online account is best. Use a password a robber wouldn't guess in a million years. 15 characters or more with a mixture of letters, number and special characters. Change them all regularly.

3. Be a cautious clicker

Avoid clicking on links to malicious sites in email messages or social networks. Phishing emails are very common and they can look a lot like businesses you deal with. Be skeptical. A tip is to checkout the email address of the sender, click on the sender button in the email and check if it is a legitimate sender. If the email is purporting to be from you bank check their email address corresponds with their web domain.

4. Visit secure websites - know what to look for

Visiting an infected website (drive by download) is a common way to get infected or have your data compromised. Old websites are particularly vulnerable, if the website has broken images, uneven formatting or strange text leave it's not worth hanging around. When buying online ensure the security icon (padlock) is appearing in the browser address bar.

5. Sensitive browsing on your own device

Banking, shopping and any online activity using your sensitive data should only be done on a device and a network you trust.

How many of the following security measures to you take regularly? We suggest all of them.
Join the webmachines group to get advice on how to stay secure online in 2019.

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Sunday, 23 February 2020
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