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A real business email address


It may seem like a small detail but your business email address says a lot to potential clients. Securing an official business email address benefits your business.

A professional first impression. Email is one of the most common forms of contact with clients. 28 billion emails are sent annually worldwide.

An email address like  does not look as trustworthy as  and is more likely to be treated as spam.

Impressions (views) of your business name create awareness of your brand. Your business email correspondence creates frequent impressions to your customers.

Reputable businesses tend to have their own business email domains. It's good business practice and far more trustworthy than a Gmail, hotmail or yahoo address.

The privacy of confidential email data on public free email services is compromised by the scanning of your incoming and outgoing correspondence for advertising purposes. Your own secure email server is the wiser option.

Your own business email domain allows for the allocation of extra roles and email addresses within your business as it expands over time. For example , or .

Common public email addresses are more likely to be assessed as spam and end up in the junk mail bin. Many email filters look for numbers, underscores, and superlative adjectives.

A business website and email address are essential communication tools for customers today. Need to know more? Contact us to learn how you can easily set up your business with these business tools.


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Sunday, 23 February 2020
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