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Is SEO still a thing in 2019?


 What is SEO? It is the process of trying to maximise the amount of visitors to your website to improve page ranking in search engine algorithms.

Can SEO deliver more traffic to your website? It can. The number of visitors to a website is a common measurement a lot of SEO agencies will use it as the primary goal of providing SEO services to your business.

Should SEO be included in your online marketing strategy? Yes definitely, SEO principles need to be followed in order to optimise your website ranking in search engines. Good SEO and content creation for your website are the two most cost effective way to build long term relevant traffic growth.

What SEO is included in a Webmachine? Webmachines are developed using the following SEO principles to perform well in search engines.

  • Assess and monitor the environment - the latest algorithms and competitive activity need to be understood in order to set your web marketing strategy.
  • High quality and useful content (information & imagery) on your website.
  • Using dynamic website layouts that work well on all devices and screen sizes.
  • Websites using the latest versions of software to ensure security is optimised for visitors to your website (including SSL Secure Socket Layers certificates and encryption).
  • Quality communication for your website and related online assets with carefully chosen keywords to attract relevant web traffic.
  • Using quality links optimised for search engines and customers to find you.

Good to know! You can spend a lot of money paying SEO agencies to increase traffic to your website but beware it might not benefit your bottom line if the extra traffic is not relevant to your business and does not convert to genuine leads, enquiries or customers. 

Just as you can attract more visitors using PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, spending your budget on SEO for increased traffic is a form of short term rented advertising. Once you stop paying the SEO agency or PPC advertising fees the extra traffic will fall away. A smarter way to grow quality traffic over time is to create regular original content for your website. Website content is an asset that will continue to work for your business for the long term.
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Sunday, 23 February 2020
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