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The future of business marketing

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Once upon a time effective marketing strategies for businesses consisted of a Yellow Pages advertisement placement, a local paper advertisement and a printed flyer. This is no longer the case.

The value of directories businesses worldwide, particularly the ones desperate to hold on to print revenues, have fallen off a cliff as small and medium-sized companies with their small and medium-sized budgets spend more wisely, opting to go online through web content, Facebook and better search engine optimisation.

In Telstra's case it made a last-ditch attempt to stem the digital tide by signing a syndication deal with Google in 2009 to allow Yellow Pages listings to appear on Google searches.

But it was too little too late. In early 2010, Sensis was forced to report its first ever decline in revenue as it continued to be hit by the digital storm brought on by cheaper and more effective online challengers led by Google.

Google, a company made of digital DNA, has quickly established itself as the advertising and listings go-to site on the maturing worldwide web. PRINT DIRECTORIES FALLING OFF CLIFFS AROUND THE GLOBE

The times of picking up the Yellow Pages, even the app, instead of going straight to Google; that’s not something that people do any more. SMALL BUSINESSES MAY IGNORE YELLOW PAGES, NOT THE WEB

Today successful business owners know that customers need to find them directly via Google on the internet. Authenticity and quality are the key attributes customers look for as they search online for products and services. Professionally designed, response websites that work on all devices with search engine optimisation are essential for businesses in 2016. Yet many businesses are still spending more dollars marketing via Yellow Pages.

Do you advertise on the Internet Yellow Pages websites? With the demise of their print products, Yellow Page sales reps are quickly shifting their focus to the Internet. Frequently, they use the business owner’s lack of understanding about the web to maximize their commission gains at the expense of the business owner’s profit. IS INTERNET YELLOW PAGES ADVERTISING WORTH IT?

If your business is currently spending money marketing via business directory placements that are not providing the value they once did, it would be well worth considering the benefits of a WEBMACHINES professional business website directly accessible via Google searches.

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Sunday, 23 February 2020
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