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Business owners are often not aware of why its crucial to keep their website maintained and the tasks involved in keeping a website secure and functioning on the internet.


Website software updates are required regularly. Software update releases are issued primarily for security reasons. Malicious internet users are out to exploit any known issues or software vulnerabilities in the environment constantly. Websites need to be monitored daily and have all updates applied as they are released to ensure it is running on the most secure version of software available. Check out this real time visual display of threats taking place in the world.


Your website operates in an ecosystem of code in a state of constant flux and your website’s software needs to perform optimally 24/7. Website software updates often deliver functionality improvements from stability to speed enhancements.


Changes in web browsers and hosting infrastructure can impact your website performance and functionality. Maintaining website software updates ensures your website keeps up with those changes to ensure your website loads correctly without any broken bits or functionality issues.


With so many software updates being issued it’s tempting to think your website may only need major updates applied, but it is crucial to be immune from all threats. Even minor software updates are important. If your website only has major updates performed you may still end up with a broken website. 

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Sunday, 23 February 2020
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