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What's the best value marketing in 2019?


Invest in digital assets for your business 

Many people ask us "What online marketing do I need for my business?"

The answer is always build your online business assets, usually a website and a Google business listing are essential.

Only once you have an established website and verified Google business listing should you even consider paid online advertising. It costs a lot for impressions on other people's online assets. Facebook advertising is the most popular in 2019. 

Planning your online assets for the long term saves your business a lot of money. We've been delivering for clients online since the internet became a thing and our advice remains constant, quality content that's helpful and accurate.

Quality online content 

Information about your business, product or service that's helpful for your customers. 

Quality content includes, detailed information about your business, services, products, images and video. Focus on genuine helpful communication on your website, not advertising or other peoples platforms.

First carve out your own search engine real estate. Regardless of its size, the primary digital asset of any business is their website, the hub of your original online content. A focus on clear and informative communication over advertising will reap more genuine customers to your business and will serve you well for the lifetime of your business.

Social Proof 

Give evidence that your business is honest, truthful and accurate. 

Your website and primary communication tools (business emails) are your business bonafides. In 2019 the average person conducts 3–4 searches on Google every single day. Google rewards high quality websites with high page ranking on searches. If your business is location based, a Google business listing will feature your business on it's map results as well.

For $1,320.00 per year a website and $100.00 one time setup cost a Google business page listing is the best value for money digital marketing you can buy for your business. It's the foundation for all the other forms of digital marketing your business may undertake in the future. Social media, email marketing and even paid advertising.

As the rules of engagement on the internet continue to change. As algorithms continue to be tweaked by tech giants. As social media platforms rise and fall in popularity. As our feeds become flooded with ads. As security, privacy and trust online become our biggest concerns. Our advice, to invest in quality online content that is helpful, honest and accurate is constant. Anything else is snake oil.

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Use unique & complex passwords

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Sunday, 23 February 2020
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